The ultimate glazed balustrades

31 Jul The ultimate glazed balustrades

Architectural glazing specialist, D R Services, is well known for the production and installation of glazed balustrades. The company helps architects and interior designers to create visually dramatic staircases, balconies, bridges and atrium elevations.

Thanks to the availability of its patented DR-yR SHOE, the company creates glass balustrades that are elegant and unobtrusive, while meeting the highest level of barrier load condition at 3 Kn. Furthermore, thanks to D R Services’ extensive experience across all the sectors, the balustrades can also be specified to comply with the most stringent demands of DDA legislation.

The shoe can be bolted to either the face or edge of the floor slab and even onto other sections of laminated glass in order to create a totally transparent bridge structure, often up to 1400 mm in width.

While such fabrications were once the reserve of top-end hotels and restaurants, D R Services is now regularly fitting them in retail and office developments.

Director of D R Services, Julie Jarvis, comments: “As with most of our work, all of our glass balustrades are bespoke to suit the customer’s requirements, though they tend to feature 32 mm thick laminated glass with three sheets of toughened glass and two interlayers. At a 1100mm high, retained by our DR-yR SHOE system, they can withstand the heaviest barrier loads that people design to – 3Kn – without the need for a capping rail to provide additional rigidity.

“The glass itself is held in the plastic Iso-Shoe extrusion with a tapered aluminium wedge being used to secure it – while this can be demounted again if required. The shoe is normally covered by a brushed stainless steel cap, but it can be cloaked with any metal – either coloured or with an architectural finish. There is virtually no limit to what we can offer customers in terms of glass balustrades.”

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