Superior library ladders from MWE and D R Services

15 May Superior library ladders from MWE and D R Services

Offering high aesthetic values and superior craftsmanship, MWE library ladder systems are now available for distribution and installation by D R Services. They offer precision, functionality, attention to detail and a hint of luxury for commercial or residential environments.

MWE library ladders are made from stainless steel and are engineered to blend ergonomic simplicity with excellent contemporary aesthetics, offering round-section or rectangular stainless steel uprights which are easily integrated into interior schemes.

The comprehensive range embraces movable ladders with telescopic, autostop or hook on functions. The range also includes ladders that glide along a top rail which can be curved around corners, while custom ladders can be supplied for an individual shelf unit, library, wine cellar or retail outlet. Ladders may also be customised with options such as stainless steel, wooden or powder coated treads, transforming them from a functional element to architectural highlight.

All MWE products are developed in Germany and are made to exacting standards utilising state of the art CNC machines combined with careful hand-crafted surface refinement. Representing top end quality, ergonomic simplicity and excellent contemporary aesthetics, MWE products are offered exclusively in the UK by D R Services.

D R Services works with specifiers to advise on the most appropriate MWE product for any situation while MWE’s website provides comprehensive product details: