A new dimension of glass walls is delivered by D R Services

27 Jul A new dimension of glass walls is delivered by D R Services

Architects and interior designers have always made use of light, texture and colour to express themselves in locations like hotels, flagship stores, corporate offices and high-end residential properties. Now, thanks to D R Services, they have the chance to combine them all within glass feature walls that can offer physical separation and privacy along with physical properties.

As one of the UK’s best known suppliers of architectural glass and fittings, D R Services, is now able to incorporate virtually any type of fabric, wood veneer, metal or other material into laminated glass. This striking composite can then be given even greater visual interest through the use of special LED lighting to illuminate the interlayer; reflecting internally off the face of the toughened laminated glass.

The company has already been supplying the luxurious glass feature walls for clients across a number of sectors and believes the availability of other physical enhancements will only serve to extend their appeal.

Director, Will Jarvis comments: “Thanks to the development of the new SGP interlayer we are now able to incorporate almost anything into laminated glass walls. The possibilities include fabrics like silk or different types of metal. We have recently supplied walls featuring copper mesh for a large private house, and cherry wood veneer at a top London restaurant.

“Because the interlayer is waterproof the walls can be used alongside swimming pools or for steam rooms. Frameless walls are available, and it is also possible to utilise the new electrical glass that has come on the market – Geometry. Company logos and other designs can all be drawn on CAD and etched into the glass before it is laminated, while we can fit LED strips down the sides of the panels to make them glow.”

By drawing on the full capabilities of its supply chain and expertise in the customization of glass, D R Services could further offer feature walls in different laminates to sustain barrier loads or to provide fire resistance.

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