Innovative range of door and shower fittings

20 May Innovative range of door and shower fittings

Exuding ergonomic simplicity and precision, the MWE range of door and shower fittings is now offered exclusively in the UK by D R Services. The products give architects and designers room for individuality through a powerful blend of top end product quality and contemporary aesthetics.

Door fittings are taken to a new level through an innovative and highly engineered range of products conceived with extraordinary attention to detail by MWE. Designed for both commercial and residential environments, the mechanisms have a beauty of their own and include hinges, pivot mechanisms, handles and soft stop and synchronous technology to operate one or a pair of doors. Systems are available to manage a variety of different door weights and types and include a solution for sliding straight doors along curved walls.

MWE has developed an entire series of fittings for shower systems that includes hinges and glass-to-glass fasteners together with distinctive frames and finely engineered rails, rollers and pivot mechanisms that allow the shower door to move with the utmost ease. The self-closing Spirit lifting hinge is typical of the attention to detail that runs through all MWE products: magnetic caps discreetly hide the screws and allow the stainless steel surfaces to be cleaned easily.

D R Services works with specifiers to advise on the most appropriate MWE product for any situation while MWE’s website provides comprehensive product details: