D R Services offers curved glass sliding doors to suit a wide variety of applications

19 Aug D R Services offers curved glass sliding doors to suit a wide variety of applications

D R Services, one of the UK’s best known providers of high quality architectural glass and associated fittings, offers specifiers a full range of curved sliding doors, varying in size and complexity, to suit different applications.

Where a client wants to create a striking shower enclosure, or perhaps a meeting room pod for an office environment, D R Services can supply doors down to a 500mm radius in 8mm toughened glass; measuring up to 2100mm high.

These doors will be top-hung featuring the use of the elegant MWE fittings for which D R Services is the UK distributor. The company has also made a speciality of creating freestanding shower cylinders – often located beneath a ceiling mounted rain head – which is either located on a Kaldewei composite tray or set direct into the floor surface of tiling or mosaics.

Where larger curved sliding doors are to be created, at radii greater than one metre, D R Services switches to the use of its Trojan 120 gear which maintains an attractive aesthetic, while offering a heavier duty construction. These are often to be found linking spaces in shops, offices and restaurants.

Then once the radius rises above 1500mm, specifiers have the further option of employing automatic openers and utilising thicker panes of toughened or laminate glass for feature entrances to corporate headquarters and large hotels. These could measure up to six metres by three metres in height.

In all instances, the company’s designers and project team will work with customers to ensure the finished door installation meets all of their aspirations on appearance and functionality while respecting all relevant codes of practice and safety considerations.

The availability of ironmongery from Europe’s top manufacturers, as well as treatments for the glass such as etched designs and different patterns, add further dimensions to D R Services bespoke offering.

For more details call D R Services on 01279 445277 or e-mail info@drservices.co.uk.