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welcome to D R Services

D R Services is a specialist distribution and installation company which specialises in sliding systems and glass fittings.

  • D R Services strikes again with switchable glass

    D R Services, a specialist in innovative glass structures and fittings, has designed a spectacular switchable glass feature in Christie’s Auction House in London.  Completed in June this year, the switchable glass system was installed away from the public’s eye within the auction house to......

  • The beauty of glass for high-end residences

    D R Services, a specialist in innovative glass structures and fittings, was selected for everything glass in an upmarket building project in Kensington, London.  The company is specified in all sorts of properties across the capital; and glass is at the heart of all the......

  • Innovative patch revolutionises door closer technology

    The latest in next-generation door closer technology, the new Ozone Plus (popularly known as the Hydraulic Patch) is now available at Total Door Hardware. Suitable for frameless tempered glass and wooden doors, this stylish and easy-to-fit patch fitting has an in-built hydraulic system which can......