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welcome to D R Services

D R Services is a specialist distribution and installation company which specialises in sliding systems and glass fittings.

  • libraryladder2

    Ergonomic library ladders slide into view

    Offering high aesthetic values and superior craftsmanship, MWE stainless steel library ladder systems are now available for distribution and installation by D R Services. The ladders provide design solutions for a variety of situations and the comprehensive range embraces movable ladders to ladders with telescopic,......

  • bookcase

    MWE products are offered exclusively by D R Services

    Representing top end quality, ergonomic simplicity and excellent contemporary aesthetics, MWE products are offered exclusively in the UK by D R Services. MWE library ladders, sliding doors and shower systems are ideal for projects where precision, luxury, functionality and a love of detail are a......

  • showerfitting

    Innovative range of door and shower fittings

    Exuding ergonomic simplicity and precision, the MWE range of door and shower fittings is now offered exclusively in the UK by D R Services. The products give architects and designers room for individuality through a powerful blend of top end product quality and contemporary aesthetics.......